Project Overview

The properties of our range of bitumen emulsions help to contribute towards the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads (from low to high traffic volume roads). Our experience and technological expertise enable us to offer our customers solutions designed for the specific requirements of their individual projects or market needs.

In the production of bitumen emulsion, water is treated with an emulsifying agent and other chemicals and is pumped to a colloid mill along with bitumen. The colloid mill breaks the bitumen up into tiny droplets. The emulsifying agent migrates to the asphalt-water interface and keeps the droplets from coalescing. The emulsion is then pumped to a storage tank.

We are Manufacturer and trader of different grade of Bitumen Emulsion. Our Emulsion is pure and is been used many reputed client in india. Our emulsion is mainly used for waterproofing of dams, bridges, commercial building , terrace, balconies, water storage tanks, and it is also widely used for anti corrosive treatment. It will give good covering area because it is modified by special additive. we have 90/15 , 115/15, 30/40 grade in stock.

Bitumen offered by us is widely used for anti corrosive treatment and waterproofing. Range of our product is highly recommended for high covering area and its durability. Seeking its various advantages our bitumen is highly applicable for road surfacing, electrical products, roofing and water proofing